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Financing Details Matter

In an earlier blog, various scenarios that might require a solar equipment appraisal were identified. In all of the scenarios, some type of third-party ownership and/or financing of the solar equipment is involved, which calls for the solar equipment to be appraised by an accredited equipment appraiser, separately from the underlying real property (e.g., home, commercial […]

Who Needs Solar Appraisals Anyway?

Even if you’re convinced your solar equipment should by appraised by an accredited equipment appraiser, you might still wonder, who needs a solar appraisal anyway? Stakeholders associated with commercial equipment procurement and financing might already know that answer, but many residential solar system users might not. Specifically, in commercial equipment financing, appraisals performed by accredited […]

Everyone’s An Expert

I think it was about the time I was pursuing my undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan (go Blue!) when I first realized just how many more people out there are smarter than I am. I always had good grades, and put the work in to get them, but there was one guy […]

Practicing the Fundamentals

At the risk of overusing baseball analogies (see “If You Build It, …?“), I’ll use another in this post to illustrate an interesting dynamic in the solar appraisal world. Picture the experienced second baseman about to field a grounder with a runner on first base. His team needs just two more outs to win the […]

If You Build It, …?

Solovar effectively started with a phone call. A local installer here in San Diego found my name in the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) web directory, and called with a question, “Do  you appraise residential solar installations?” The call was precipitated by a client of the installer asking if he knew of any appraisers that […]